Public relations

At Consult Connect we offer a panel of tailored solutions to help you grow your business network and reputation.
Social Media

If you wish your business had a presence on social media platforms, but you don’t know where to start, this is for you!

Why use social media?
  • The importance of your “social proof”: customers are increasingly savvy about whom they buy from. Seeing your company engaged in social media provides transparency, which will reassure customers that your business is reputable and trustworthy.

  • It gives you the ability to engage with your customers one-on-one and connect directly via their mobile devices.

  • Your competitors have already started using it: let’s go one better and master it!

  • Improved search engine placement: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a high Page Rank. This means that in terms of search engines like Google and Bing, they are influential and are often the first to be seen in search results.

  • Customer Service: People tend to use Facebook pages when they want to get in touch with a company.

  • Recruiting: People are attracted to companies that are active and approachable. Companies successfully using social media have seen an increase in the number of applications received.

Social Media Solutions

Whether you wish to increase traffic to your website, engage with your customers or stakeholders, we can help you design a personalised strategy that suits your business and the industry you belong to.

We can set up online business pages and groups on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Once they are established, we can manage them for you or simply train you on how best to utilise them.

One client’s success story through social media

Australia Mining Export Pty Ltd is an Australian company for which we built an image from scratch. We set up their pages and have been managing them since day one.

They have over 7,000 followers (October 2013) and have won new customers and suppliers thanks to their presence on social media platforms.

They have also been able to create a real community around subjects related to mobile equipment and the international sourcing of spare parts. Australia Mining Export actively participates in different groups and forums.

You can find and follow them by clicking on the icons below:
linkedin-icon-small   facebook-icon-small

Business Facilitation into New-Caledonia
If you are looking at expanding your business into New-Caledonia, but don’t have the local network or necessary local knowledge, this is where we can assist you.


We can help with translations, business trip preparation, follow ups and on the ground support. We will provide you with ongoing information about the local market.